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Posted Thursday, August 19, 2010, at 1:02 PM

So, I was thinking, when does a person really sink into the swamp of redneck livin? I thought I had things pretty clear in my mind on the subject of my own personal redneck-ness. Yes, I do slide in that direction every once in awhile and on occasion those Jeff Foxworthy jokes veered just a little too close to my reality for my peace of mind.

One of my tried and true tests of what constitutes a redneck is; does this person have what is clearly indoor furniture sitting out on the porch or lawn to be used as an item of repose outdoors? I was very comfortable with using this as one of my little redneck test questions.

Now that the background has been set... on with the story.

One Saturday, in a local parking lot in our lovely town, a yard sale was happening to benefit a friend and church member of ours who had cancer. Sitting right out in front of the goodies for sale was a lovely couch. I was helping with a project that morning and didn't have time to stop right away; on my 3rd pass by the sale I finally pulled in and was happy to see the couch was still there. I was afraid the price was too high since it remained there looking a bit lonely by now. I inquired as to the price and after determining it was in good condition and would really match everything in my living room, I was the proud new owner. Just lucky I guess!

My hubby was still working on the project mentioned earlier and was not available to load it up and take it home right away. There were many people helping with the sale that I knew and they offered to tote the couch home for me but I said I was sure hubby would be along shortly and I would flag him down to do the job. A friend of mine whom I haven't had opportunity to chat with in quite some time was one who offered. He had worked off the midnight shift at the local factory and was a bit worn out by this time.

I told him I could wait and we proceeded to catch up on all things in his life and mine. We were having a great time. He was clearly more than a bit tired though. Did I mention that this yard sale was on the main drag of the little town I live in?...yes, ladies and gentlemen...it is just as you suspected...we...sat...down...on...the...couch. We waved at passers by. We put on sunglasses to keep from having to squint. We commented on the level of comfort we were enjoying, who was driving new cars, what a nice day it was, etc. There we were, plopped on a fluffy overstuffed couch on the main drag of town, on Saturday at high noon. This went on for at least half an hour. People pulled in to inquire about the availability of THE COUCH ( i think it deserves all caps at this point)and I proudly told them it was mine now and we would chat for a bit...because I knew several of them

The proof that I had fallen deep into the redneck swamp is this... until almost a full week later....it never even occurred to me what I had done. So now I proudly wear the redneck tag...because I have to.

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great new blog. looking forward to the next one already.

-- Posted by mike b on Thu, Aug 19, 2010, at 7:25 PM

hmmmm? makes me want to question my definition of redneck.

-- Posted by waverunner on Mon, Aug 23, 2010, at 11:29 AM

Welcome to the REDNECK world, my dear. Wear that tag proudly!!

-- Posted by Auntie B on Wed, Aug 25, 2010, at 11:26 AM

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