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Posted Tuesday, February 2, 2010, at 11:22 AM

If you were to ask an adult or elderly person what they think of manners in teens today, what kind of response do you think you would receive?

Most likely it wouldn't be a positive one. What has happened to the respect and admiration we had for our peers and others-- the respect that they deserve?

It seems in today's society, manners and respect for others well-being or one's belongings that they have worked hard for is almost non-existent. Have we evolved so much in history that we do not feel the need to act as we once did when society demanded proper manners?

Today's youth do not respect others due to the fact that instead of hard work and earning their own... they expect it to be handed to them without any strings attached.

Do you remember when you could leave the house or go to sleep at night and leave the door unlocked and still be able to have a peaceful nights sleep? You knew you could rest assured knowing that everything would be exactly where it was before you went to sleep.

In today's society people fear helping a complete stranger in fear of what the outcome may be. How many of us would stop to help a complete stranger stranded on the road or thumbing a ride in the rain?

Stealing from someone who worked so hard to achieve what little possessions they endow was rarely heard of years ago. Now it seems in society, instead of trying to get a job and earn your own, it's easier to steal it from someone. What happened to hard work, honesty and manners?

Manner's in the golden years wasn't necessarily a sign of respect, but one out of fear. Fear of what our parents might do to us, had we disobeyed the golden rule, or, at least, "Respected our Elders."

Fear just simply doesn't exist in our teens today. They have the outlook that they are just untouchable. There is more out there for teens today than there once was. New technology, new experiences, at a younger age and more freedom that parents give them. Is this a good choice for us as parents? I fear seeing evolution a hundred years from today... or even 20. I suppose only time will tell. One may call this evolution...I call this regression.

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It's actually, in my uneducated opinion, mostly a lack of morals. We are born with a God-given sense of right and wrong. The problem is, from infancy, children are being taught to chase their own selfish desires at all costs. They are taught they are better than their neighbors. They are taught to value possessions and name brands more than human worth. They have all they need at birth, it's the world that teaches them different, and trains them to be selfish and hateful individual personalities. Whoever coined the phrase "follow your heart" was totally clueless. If you believe in the bible, the bible makes it clear that the heart will lie to you and all sin is a matter of the heart. It's ok to feel and love and get emotional, but the heart is most often selfish and if you follow it you are likely setting all common good and common sense to the side, setting yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment and failure. Follow God's view and vision for your life and it will be a fulfilled one with selfless desires and happiness. Action should follow prayer and well thought out plans after considering consequences on everyone. Otherwise, there will be a price to pay, and not just by the person who put action before prayer and thought.

A lot of teens are incredibly rude today and do not know the first thing about common courtesy and respect. There are likewise a whole lot of rude and selfish adults who have taught our teens to behave this way. They didn't arrive there on their own. As a mother of a teen, I have tried very hard to teach my teen manners, respect, love, hard work, and common courtesy. But, I imagine I have failed along the way as my teen has a smart mouth now and again. Unfortunately parents are not the only one's who have influence over our teens; Sometimes, it's the other parents who have the most influence especially when they aren't trying nearly as hard and letting their teen raise themselves. The old saying about taking a community to raise a child; well, not so sure I agree. I think a parent can do a fine job of raising the child if the desire is there to do it appropriately. In these instances, it's the community that messes up the proper raising and wants to teach them the wrong way! And in addition to the God-given ability to know right from wrong, they were also born with the God-given freedom of choice and as a sinful born individual, even the best taught kids often make bad choices because mom and dad's way seems so much harder than the way of the world.

-- Posted by concerned on Tue, Feb 9, 2010, at 3:14 PM

I think a HUGE problem is that you can't "punish" your children like you could years ago. I dont mean beating the snot out of a child, but a spanking, like 3 swats on the behind. But if you do that now days you get arrested for child abuse and have you kids taken away, never to see them again. I remember when i was in school (Holcomb High School, Class of '96) if you were in the wrong you would get 3 swats with a paddle but now they just put your kid in a room for, bascally, a time out. Kids back then had more respect for their teacher and other students. But not today.

-- Posted by Sabian on Wed, Feb 10, 2010, at 11:35 AM

Just as the reading is titled, "RESPECT", the younger individuals of today have very little of it! And, it's difficult to blame them when their role models do not display much respect for people as well. For example, the students at Kennett High School continue to mourn the death of the senior student, Rachel Dye, who passed away suddenly. However, the school has decided to assist the current students by instructing them to "move on" with their grief. To go another point further, one female student who reportedly behaved disrespectfully to the grieving students was never reprimanded in any way, and even had the support of the high school administration by way of encouraging the students to "move on" and to be "thinking about getting rid of those pink cones in the parking lot also". Clearly, this is disrespect to those people who are in pain, it is insensitive, and does not set forth any example of how humans should treat each other during a tragedy. Why do we tolerate such ignorance?

-- Posted by keneeshan on Wed, Feb 10, 2010, at 11:49 AM

I'm pretty sure that all of our older relatives would say pretty much the same things about us, but there is definitely a decrease in the amount of respect kids of today show towards elders. I think if you look at the U.S. society overall, we "learn" from our leaders; those 50 to 70 yr old bratty politians that act more like 4 yr olds than adults.

With that said, each of us that are parents MUST hold our kids accountable just like we were. That's the way I am as parent and most of my son's friends will tell you that I'm the toughest (some will say the meanest) grown-up they know, but they'll also tell you that I treat each of them the same way I treat my son. If they're out of line I tell them, if they're hungry I feed them, if they get hurt while playing I help with the bandaids and so on. Kids are like computers, garbage in garbage out.

-- Posted by wtodd on Wed, Oct 20, 2010, at 2:41 PM

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