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Tuesday, May 3, 2016
The Boondocks
Posted Thursday, November 11, at 8:36 AM
I used to get upset when people would ridicule me for being from a small town. With a town as small as Kennett, most people assumed I lived in a ditch and rode a donkey to school. College peers couldn't believe my hometown still had a town square. They rolled their eyes at the thought of joining me in a visit to the Bootheel, home of cotton fields and mosquitoes. They didn't get it. They wouldn't visit...

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Survival Kit
Posted Friday, September 10, at 8:19 AM

My baby brother is no longer a baby. A legal adult, he stands almost a foot taller than me and has the ability to put me in a chokehold before I figure out what's going on. I'm almost seven years older than him, but it seems the older we get, the more he takes on the "big brother" role. ...

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Cat Lady
Posted Tuesday, April 20, at 8:03 AM

A few weeks ago, I sent a text to an old friend from Mississippi. She recently divorced and is now dating a new guy. I wanted to ask her how her new relationship was going. The first thing she had to ask me was if I had started dating anyone since I'd moved to Dallas. ...

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R.I.P. "Tink Tink"
Posted Monday, March 29, at 1:03 PM

After 18 years of living in Kennett, four and a half years in Starkville, Mississippi and another long ten months in Kennett, I finally made my way to Dallas. That's when everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Within the first week here, my car tuckered out and quit. ...

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Islamic Ninjas...
Posted Tuesday, August 11, at 8:40 AM

When I began my college career, one of my goals was to develop more depth with the many cultures within our society. One of the geography classes I registered for promised to do just that: unveil different societies and religions to those of us who were unknowing and therefore socially ignorant...

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Wii Killed the Nintendo Star
Posted Tuesday, July 14, at 1:07 PM

I'm contemplating suing the Wii company for the mid-life crisis it has caused me at such an early age. I'm also suing for the physical damage it has done to my entire body. It all started during a family reunion. We had just finished breakfast and naptime was lurking in my immediate future. ...

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Pink Straight Jackets
Posted Thursday, June 18, at 8:10 AM

In automatic rebuttal to the oncoming negativity to this blog, I dare any woman to convince me she doesn't have a personality disorder. My disorder, though, is a tad more eccentric than the average lady. I embrace my disorder and unleash it accordingly. ...

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Satan's Candy
Posted Thursday, June 4, at 2:21 PM

Here's a little ditty about weight loss. I'm a failure at it. My first try at losing weight found me in the Wal-Mart parking lot with a box of fudge rounds and drinking a quart of milk as if I were late for my daily crack pipe addiction. I was in my first semester of college. ...

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Mary Poppins Meets Birth Control
Posted Tuesday, May 19, at 1:11 PM

At one point in my life, many moons ago, I considered myself a normal female with normal female instincts. I knew one day I wanted children -- five, to be exact-- and I had already thought of distinct and unique names for them. I finished high school and continued on to college, still under the impression that I, one day, would be ready for motherhood. ...

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