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Check your Prescription Drug Information

Posted Tuesday, October 26, 2010, at 3:49 PM

Now is the time to be thinking about your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan for 2011. If you have a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan this year, you will receive a packet of information from your current plan. You should take a look at this as soon as possible. You need to make a decision as to whether you want to keep your present plan or try to find a better one.

Follow these simple steps to check out your current plan:

1.Gather all your prescription meds into one place.

2.Open the Formulary that the plan sent you.

3.Look for your drugs in the Formulary. They should be listed two ways, the covered drugs should be listed in alphabetical order and also by the disease that they treat.

4. When you find the drug, it should indicate whether it is covered under Tier 1, 2 or 3.

5.List each drug on a piece of paper with the Tier beside it.

6.Then look in the information provided and find the cost of each tier of drugs, write the cost beside the drug listed.

7.You will also find the deductible listed in the same area, as well as, the premium for 2011.

8.If you don't find one of your drugs listed, call the plan and ask them if your drug is covered. (Two of the drugs my husband takes were not listed in the formulary, but were actually covered by the plan.) I was told by the person I called that the complete formulary was on the internet but the formulary they mailed was just a partial list. So if you have access to the internet you can go to the plan's website and check their entire formulary.

After you have done all the above steps you will have a good idea of what your 2011 drug costs will be. If you decide that you want to try to find a better plan, we will be glad to help. Send us a list of your prescription drugs, the size of the dosage (milligram) and how often you take them. Send us your preferred pharmacy, your name and your zip code. We will run the list and give you the information about which plans you might be interested in. The sooner you can get the information to us the better. We can get a "jump" on the process by entering your drugs into the computer but we won't have access to what the plans are offering until Nov. 15.

If you have any questions, call our office 1-800-392-8771.


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