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Extended museum hours

The Malden Historical Museum, 201 N. Beckwith, is now open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1:30 to 4:30. Admission is free. Donations are accepted. Virginia Hoehn and Elizabeth Haskins are the docents.


Tornado Watch in effect until 10:00 PM CDT for Dunklin County and 19 other counties in Missouri
Flash Flood Watch in effect until 7:00 AM CDT on Tuesday for Dunklin County and Pemiscot County
Tornado Watch in effect until 10:00 PM CDT for Clay County, Arkansas and 11 other counties in Arkansas
Flash Flood Watch in effect until 7:00 AM CDT on Tuesday for Clay County, Arkansas and 11 other counties in Arkansas
Top News
Campbell Overpass construction underway (05/23/15)
Staff Photo/ Courtney Luke Progress is being made on the reconstruction of the Highway 53 viaduct in Campbell. The...
Family Fun Day (05/22/15)
Staff Photo/ Courtney Luke Many participated in Saturday's Fun Day hosted by the Campbell Fire Department where games...
Firemen participate in training exercise (05/21/15)
Staff Photo/ Courtney Luke Members of the Malden Fire Department participated in Alternative Compliance Burn Testing on...
Walmart grand re-opening (05/21/15)
Staff Photo/ Courtney Luke After several weeks of renovation, on Friday, Walmart had their grand re-opening. Walmart...
Chamber welcomes new director (05/21/15)
Malden Chamber of Commerce board president, Jeannie Collins, has announced the new executive director of the Malden...
Richardson elected to lead Missouri House (05/20/15)
With a focus on getting back to business and completing the work of a highly productive session, the members of the...
Woman shot, killed during Parma robbery (05/20/15)
A woman was fatally shot during an armed robbery early Monday morning in Parma. New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens...
French, McCormick: top two in MHS class (05/20/15)
To the beat of "Pomp and Circumstance" provided by the Malden High School Concert Band, members the graduating class of...
Robinson joins Fire Department (05/15/15)
Lytyron Robinson, in March, joined the Malden Fire Department as a full-time engineer. He is the first African-American...
Dobbins takes retirement tour (05/15/15)
Soon to retire president of Southeast Missouri State University, Dr. Ken Dobbins, toured regional campuses last week....
Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial to visit Dexter (05/14/15)
Hitting the Wall Those of you who know me know that I am rarely speechless, yet words didn't come as I traced my...
Campbell High graduates 38 (05/14/15)
On Friday night, Campbell High School graduated 38 seniors. School faculty member Cindy Lester performed the...
Parking lot repairs (05/13/15)
Doors open at new library (05/13/15)
After several years of anticipation, the Malden Branch of the Dunklin County Library opened its doors at their new...
Congressman Smith meets with Malden Students (05/13/15)
U.S. Congressman Jason Smith met with World History students at Malden High School last week. Since September, Smith...
Citizen Chat

Time for Talk

Time for Talk Schedule May 11 - 15, 2015

New Wave Cable Channel 2 7:00 PM

This week's schedule of programs marks not only the end of a regular season but also the end of Talk's programming. Talk has been on the cable for 40 years as a community service. So it's time to retire. Goodbye, and the best to everyone. It has been a great and enjoyable experience.-- ROSEMARY

Monday Rosemary Eats a Spider

Cultures are quite different throughout the world. But there is one cultural characteristic that is very strange but very common among Asian peoples "they like to eat spiders" and other insects. Basically, the tarantula is just another food item. It can be surmised that the practice came into being because of famine or food scarcity. Tonight, Rosemary has encouraged one of her English students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to bring some insects to class to demonstrate how to eat these creatures. Yes, Rosemary does take a bite.

Tuesday Back To 1986 -- Pie Throw -- BBQ Cook-off

It's always enjoyable to go back a few years to watch the antics of people having fun. In this case, a pie throw is hilarious, but watching prominent citizens as they get washed off after the pie throw mess is more fun. The BBQ CookOff that year was very informative.

Wednesday Neil Bergman's Bees -- Visit to His Apiary

The date is 1985. Talk made a visit to the Apiary of Neil Bergman. Neil carried Rosemary high as he donned her with a hat, hood and coveralls to protect her from the stings. Past the point of no return, she and the cameraman made some beautiful closeups of the bee's activities. Neil handles the bees barehanded as if they pose no threat. "Don't you ever get stung?" Rosemary asked. "Very rarely," Neil replied. "The bees do not like fast movement," he warned. The cameraman quickly found this to be true as he tried to brush a bee from his face. Too late!! Pow!! Right in the eyelid! Have fun with Neil in this valuable segment from 1985

Thursday Saga Of The Duck Box

What happened in Rosemary's back yard last year is pretty interesting. It all started with an attempt to repair a duck box hanging on the old oak tree. Russ tried to take the box down, but instead was deterred by something inside. How this "thing" was removed is a funny episode. But that isn't all. Later when the ducks were busy making a nest, something else got into the box. It is all very laughable. Don't fail to see, "The Saga of the Duck Box.

Friday Excerpts from Time for Talk 1975 -- 1983

Clara Donaldson is now deceased, but she tells stories about Kennett's early days you will want to hear. We will visit the Old Opera House upstairs with all the graffiti from the early 1900's. Paul Slicer is how deceased but he will fill us in on some tidbits of his early 1900 experiences in Kennett. How about a shot of Brydon Ross? Our departed friend is right here with us on this video. Dr. George Dunmire makes us smile with stories of his career. And then, from 1983, Rosemary talks with Otis Ward and Roger Montgomery about improvements that were then being made on Floyd Street.

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