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Extended museum hours

The Malden Historical Museum, 201 N. Beckwith, is now open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1:30 to 4:30. Admission is free. Donations are accepted. Virginia Hoehn and Elizabeth Haskins are the docents.


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Malden School Board members sworn in (04/24/15)
Photo Provided Members of the Malden Board of Education were sworn into office Thursday, April 16. Incumbent David...
Malden Police Department honored (04/23/15)
Honored for their bravery and valor in the line of duty, three members of the Malden Police Department were...
Council sworn in during April meeting (04/22/15)
Council members were sworn into office Monday night during the April assembly of the Malden City Council. Lynnette...
City officials, police officers resign following election of new Parma mayor (04/22/15)
"It saddens me that I wasn't given the opportunity to work with this staff," explained newly elected Parma Mayor Tyus...
Hampton's first election was a learning process (04/22/15)
Election day is just a short diversion for most people, as they make time in their day to cast a ballot. For the...
Santie a standout among judges (04/22/15)
"About 99 percent of the people break a city ordinance every single day -- unless they're just sitting on the couch at...
Malden Superintendent honored by School Administration Association (04/22/15)
Photo Provided Kenneth Cook, Superintendent of the Malden R-1 School District was recently honored for his twenty-five...
Still Campaigning (04/22/15)
Staff Photo/ Courtney Luke Candidates were still in campaign form election morning as they gathered to encourage votes.
Scholarship fundraiser attracts riders (04/22/15)
Though Saturday morning was cool and the wind was brisk, many turned out for the Nick Holt Memorial Dice Run. Sponsored...
Meeting the Easter Bunny (04/22/15)
Staff Photo/ Courtney Luke Lennon Grubbs, nine months, and her big brother Blayne Morgan, six years, enjoyed the Easter...
Community Easter Service held (04/22/15)
Some members of Malden's religious community and the Malden Ministerial Alliance met for annual Easter Services held...
VOTE (04/03/15)
Staff Photo/ Courtney Luke Candidate signs in a Campbell lot are a reminder to participate in the April 7 elections.
Wellness Expo held at Malden Elementary (04/02/15)
A crowd gathered Thursday night at the Nutrition and Physical Activity Expo where health-related exhibits, health...
Richardson meets with TRC students (04/01/15)
Students of Peggy Bender's government class at Three Rivers College- Malden gained first hand knowledge of their class...
Guatemalan kitchen built in memory of former Risco couple (03/31/15)
R.T. and Pauline McGee were beloved residents of New Madrid County and in the communities of Risco and Marston for more...
Citizen Chat

Time for Talk

April 20-24, 2015 * New Wave Cable * Channel 2 * 7:00 PM

Talk continues its 1998 interviews with former Presidents of the Kennett Chamber of Commerce.

Monday - 1971 and 1978 J.C.SKAGGS, Twice Pres. Chamber of Commerce

J. C. Skaggs had the unique experience of serving as President of the Kennett Chamber of Commerce in the years 1971 and again in 1978. His career began in Kennett as a shoe salesman for the J.C.Penny Company when it was, at that time, situated in the old Shelton Building on the west side of the square. With a grin, Skaggs tells why he left that job. Fortunately that led him into the business he operated until his retirement. His time of chamber presidency is peppered with interesting events. "People will remember the heated controversy when the County Hospital was sold," he said. "I was serving on the County Commission at that time."

Tuesday - Pre-empted by City Council Meeting

Wednesday - 1974 Lew Hamilton, President, Chamber Of Commerce

Lew Hamilton recalls his surprise when the J.C.Penny Company asked him to come to Kennett to manage the newly remodeled Penny's store, then located at the southwest corner of the square next to the present Court House Annex. "Where is Kennett?" he remembers as foremost in his mind. Coming from Minnesota, the flat land amazed him. "My family came later," he said. "The month was May. Their heavy winter coats were entirely out of place when they got off the train in Poplar Bluff." But Lew Hamilton, the northerner, quickly adapted himself to life in the bootheel to be elected President of the Chamber of Commerce in 1974.

Thursday - 1975 Charles Brown, President Chamber of Commerce

Tonight, Charles Brown recalls the events which occurred during his stint as President of the Kennett Chamber of Commerce. Charles has a lot on his plate to tell us. In addition to the things he enumerates in this video he has been a key player is several community improvements. For example, The SEMO University educational facility bears his imprint.

Friday - 1977 Paul Combs, Chamber President

Jerry Paul Combs hails from Portageville. Tonight, he describes how he came to Kennett and how his interest in community affairs was developed. Well before assuming managership of Baker Implement Company, Jerry was very active in the growth of the area and was to become a key man in the development of the Jerry Paul Combs Lake just east of Kennett. He was elected president of the Chamber of Commerce for the year 1977. Presently, he serves as president of the National Implement Dealers Association. You'll want to hear his appraisal of the evolution of the farm economy.

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